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Tampa 911 Wireless Outage

Tampa Police Badge
Tampa, Florida Police and Fire both were having issues receiving wireless 911 calls on Friday, September 7th. The issues only impacted some callers and resulted in a “fast busy” signal when 911 was dialed. Tampa Police, Fire, and city government circulated notices advising citizens to call ten digit...
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9-1-1 Transcripts Released in FL Murder/Suicide

The surviving victim of a Jacksonville, Florida murder/suicide attempt called 9-1-1 asking for help after her ex-boyfriend shot her, her twin daughters, and her father. At the same time a neighbor heard the gun shots and called 9-1-1, giving dispatchers vital information. There had been a history of...
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FL Man Arrested for 9-1-1 Abuse

A Naples, Florida man was arrested after calling and texting 9-1-1 to report “a man selling drugs”. Officers responded to the area where the calls were coming from and found Gabriel Rangelmartinez with a phone to his ear. When officers called the number that had been placing the...
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Alert Off-Duty Dispatcher Catches Murderer

Jacksonville, FL Sheriff
An alert off-duty Jacksonville, Florida sheriff dispatcher has been credited with catching a murderer. Briana Withers was working a second job as a hotel receptionist when she noticed wanted killer Bryan Cooke acting strange at the hotel. Withers alerted police to Cooke’s strange activity and he was found...
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New Audio: School Bomb Threat

Overview Date and Time: 05/04/15 (unknown time) City: Winter Springs (Seminole County) State: Florida Address: Unknown Summary Kenneth Petruzziello, a 19 year old from Winter Springs, Florida, dialed 9-1-1 on May 4, 2015 and reported there was a bomb in the high school. The building was subsequently evacuated...
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Man Hits on Dispatcher, Lands in Jail

Edward Garcia, a 44 year old Florida man, landed behind bars after he dialed 9-1-1 bragging about having big muscles and asking the dispatcher if she was single. Garcia made three calls to 9-1-1, each with the same content. Police tracked the calls to a camp site and...
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New Audio: Flakka Bender Shooting

Overview Date and Time: 04/10/15 08:58 hrs City: West Park (Broward County) State: Florida Address: 4111 SW 21st Street Summary Broward County Sheriff responded to a shooting on April 10, 2015 in West Park, Florida. On arrival deputies found Richard Andrews had been shot in the face with...
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