Reel 7

Reel 7 from the Tape Library

  • Officer shooting – In Nov. 2009 a Des Moines (Iowa) man kidnapped his estranged wife, took her to his apartment, fatally shot her and then considered suicide. When Randall Moore dialed 911 to report what he did, officers responded. When Off. Todd Roland arrived, Moore shot him, injuring his hand. Other officers arrived and were able to negotiate Moore’s surrender. This is the logging tape of the radio traffic.
  • Office Shooting – In Nov. 2009 an ex-employee of a Orlando (Fla.) engineering company came back to the office with a gun, shot and killed one former co-worker and wounded five others before being arrested. Jason Rodriguez was later indicted on first-degree murder charges. During the shootings, several persons dialed 911 for help.
  • Stabbing murder – In Oct. 2009 a Chatham Borough (NJ) priest was stabbed to death, and the church’s custodian was arrested for murder. Rev. Edward Hinds managed to dial 911 for help, but the suspect, Jose Feliciano, took away the cellular phone and said everything was okay. Because there was no Phase II service, the dispatcher didn’t know the location of the call. Parishioners later called police when Hinds failed to show for church services, and officers found his body.
  • TJ Maxx robbery – In Nov. 2009 a pair of masked robbers invaded the TJ Maxx clothing store in Venice (Fla.), sending employees scattering through the rear emergency exits. When the exit alarms went off, the robbers fled, but police surrounded the building for hours believing the suspects were still inside. Two persons outside the store called 911.
  • Woman & girl burned – In Nov. 2009 a New Haven (Conn.) man set fire to his girlfriend and allegedly poured an accelerant over the woman’s 12 year-old daughter, burning both of them. A woman in a neighboring apartment dialed 911 and relayed information with the victim screaming in the background.
  • Home invasion robbery – In Nov. 2009 three men invaded a Winter Garden (Fla.) home, held the family hostage for three days and forced them to withdraw $24,000 from their bank account. Marcella Borges managed to escape from a second-floor window and run to a neighbor, who then dialed 911 for help. She was shot while escaping, but did survive. Three suspects were arrested by arriving police.
  • Shoe store robbery – In Nov. 2009 two men robbed a shoe repair store in West Palm Beach (Fla.), shooting Juliana Catalfumo, daughter of the owner. She survived and managed to dial 911 for help.
  • Car stop shoot-out – In Nov. 2009 Cincinnati (Ohio) Off. Gregory Toyeas stopped a car, but suspect Randolph Ward fled with a gun, and fired shots at Toyeas. When Ward tried to carjack a van, other officers confronted him and fatally shot him. Radio traffic documented the 3-minute incident.
  • Child call for mother – In Nov. 2009 a 4 year-old girl in Charles County (Md.) dialed 911 for help when her mother became ill. Samantha Mason gave dispatcher Jaime Ostrander information that allowed EMS units to quickly arrive and treat her mother’s diabetic emergency.
  • Missing child – In Nov. 2009 a North Carolina woman called 911 to report her 5 year-old daughter missing. Antoinette Davis told a Fayetteville dispatcher that she last saw Shiniya Davis the previous evening. But within five days police arrested Antoinette, alleging she sold her daughter into sexual slavery. Shaniya was found dead six days later and a suspect was arrested.
  • Infant shot – In Nov. 2009 an Albuquerque (NM) man shot and killed his infant daughter after a dispute with the mother. Christopher Rains was suicidal and believed he would go to prison for life. The dispatcher kept him on the line while officers responded.
  • Infant death – In 2007 a 21 month-old toddler wandered into a backyard soccer net and was strangled. In early 2009 the city filed a lawsuit against the city alleging they failed to provide prompt emergency assistance for Matthew Cantrell, including EMD. In Nov. 2009 the city released the logging tape of Ave Cantrell’s 911 call and other information.
  • Electrocution deaths – In Oct. 2009 a family was erecting an Amateur radio antenna at night in Palm Bay (Fla.) when the tower hit an overhead high-voltage power line. The resulting arcing, power outage and fire generated several 911 calls. Three members of the Braham family died when they lost control of the tower and it struck a 13,000-volt power line.
  • Burglary & shooting -In Dec. 2009 a man tried to break into a rural Cushing (Okla.) home at night by bashing a rear patio door with a chair. Resident Donna Jackson dialed 911 and talked to Lincoln County Sheriff’s dispatcher Brenda Hart for 10 minutes, when the man broke through the glass and Jackson fatally shot him with a shotgun. It took deputies another 12 minutes to arrive. Watch a video interview with Hart and co-worker Joan Herd.
  • Home invasion shooting -In Dec. 2009 three suspects invaded an Elyria (Ohio) apartment and shot both residents, one fatally. One resident was able to wrestle a gun away and fatally shoot one suspect. A 911 call documented the initial struggles and gunfire, followed by two callbacks after the first call was cut off.
  • Kidnap victim found -In Dec. 2009 a 5 year-old girl was kidnapped off the street in Phoenix (Ariz.). Seven hours later, K-9 Off. Mike Burns saw a look-alike vehicle and attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle fled at up to 80 mph, eventually crashing after it hit spike strips. The child was unhurt and returned to her family. Larry Ladwig, 45, was arrested and charged with several offenses.
  • Shooting 911 calls – In Jan. 2010 one teen was killed and two others wounded in Naples (Fla.) when several men opened fire at an apartment complex. The incident generated three 911 calls, but contradictory information about the suspects and the getaway car. (Tape edited by police for privacy of callers.)
  • Loose elephants -In July 2007 two elephants from a visiting circus wandered past their electric-fence enclosure and into the neighborhoods of Newmarket (Ont., Canada) to graze on grass and trees. A group of people walking home spotted the elephants and dialed 911 to report their sighting to a surprised dispatcher. The elephants were rounded up without incidents.
  • Officer shootings -In March 2009 four Oakland (Calif.) police officers were shot and killed by a rape suspect. A Jan. 2010 independent reported cited many errors and omissions in policy and procedures by officers and commanders. Listen to three segments of the radio logging tapes covering the initial car stop and death of two officers, the search for the suspect, and the entry into an apartment where the suspect killed two more officers. Download (pdf) the independent panel’s report.
    Car Stop & Shooting

    Suspect Search

  • Celebrity death – In Dec. 2009 actress Brittany Murphy suffered a medical problem, and her mother dialed 911 and spoke to a LAFD dispatcher, who provided medical instructions. Murphy did not survive, and a cause of death was still pending in Jan. 2010. [LAFD deleted certain details from tape.]
  • Hostages taken -In Jan. 2010 a man who may have psychiatric problems entered a Tulsa (Okla.) radio station office and held the employees at gunpoint. A receptionist dialed 911, and for almost 12 minutes kept a dispatcher informed about what was happening. Arriving police confronted Barry Styles, and shot him when he pointed a gun at them. He survived and was arrested.
  • School lock-down -In Jan. 2010 a Livingston County (Mich.) middle school student became violent, and an office worker dialed 911. Dispatchers sent deputies non-emergency, but then an administrator ordered a “lock down,” prompting another officer worker to dial 911 again and become impatient with the dispatcher. The school changed its procedures have changed to have only the involved staff dial 911 instead of office personnel, and to us a “stay put” order for less serious incidents.
  • Mother drug dealing -In Jan. 2010 an 11 year-old boy in Lawton (Okla.) dialed 911 to report that his mother and her boyfriend were dealing drugs, and had left him and his 1 year-old brother alone. Officers arrived and later arrested Jennifer Lynn Patterson and the boyfriend.
  • Officer arrested -In Jan. 2010 a Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) police officer was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting women that he stopped while on-duty. Marcus Jackson inapropriately touched the women, the police allege, including one who had reported she was the victim of domestic violence. In one case, Jackson allegedly stopped a female motorist, and her boyfriend showed up at the carstop and was arrested by Jackson.
  • Murder 911 Call -In Jan. 2010 a woman in Shephersville (Ken.) dialed 911 to say that she had been scuffling with her husband and accidentally shot him in the head. Betty Jane Harder was later arrested for murder.
  • Baby Revived -In Jan. 2010 a woman in Reno (Nev.) dialed 911 to say her 3 week-old baby wasn’t breathing. Carson City sheriff’s supervisor Cindy Merrell fielded the call and guided the mother through rescue breathing and CPR. The baby revived just as EMS crews arrived.
  • Murder 911 Call – In Nov. 2009 a retired university professor was murdered at his home outside Payson (Utah). Kay Mortensen, 70, had his throat cut, police say, and his son and daughter-in-law claim they were tied up and held hostage by two robbers with guns. Two months after the murder, police said the son and daughter-in-law were persons of interest in the case.
  • Robbery Response – In Jan. 2010 District of Columbia (DC) council member Yvette Alexander stopped to inquire about a man lying on the sidewalk, and two bystanders brandished a gun at her—they were robbing the man. Alexander complained to the Office of Unified Communications that it took too long for officers to arrive at the scene. But officials noted the call was answered within five seconds, dispatched with 1 minute 37 seconds, and then it took an officer 10 minutes to arrive.
  • Murder 911 Call -In Jan. 2010 a man in Brooksville (Fla.) invaded his sister’s home, shot the sister and three other women. The sister and another woman were killed. A third woman dialed 911 for help. Police later arrested John Kalisz, but only after he shot and killed a Dixie County sheriff’s deputy who tried to arrest him. Hernando County sheriff’s dispatcher Milagros Ramos fielded the extraordinaryly personal call, continually assuring the caller that help was on the way.
  • Baby Unconscious – In Jan. 2010 a child care provider in Muncie (Ind.) dialed 911 to report an unresponsive 4 month-old infant. A dispatcher gave Tina Byrd CPR instructions, but Byrd said rescue breathing wasn’t working. It was the second infant to die at the home in 11 weeks, and police and the coroner are investigating. On the tape, Byrd is heard talking before the calltaker answers, saying, “Clean up the house,” and other words.
  • Daytime Burglary – In Jan. 2010 a 12 year-old boy was home alone in Warren (Ohio) while his mother ran an errand. The boy came out of the bathroom and was confronted by three burglars, who forced him to lie down while they loaded items from the house into their car. The boy obtained a car description when the burglars fled and dialed 911 to give them information. His mother arrived home while he was on the telephone.