Reel 6

Reel 6 from the Tape Library

  • Officer hit by car – In August 2009 Des Moines (Iowa) police Sgt. Larina Blad was struck and injured by a suspected DUI. She radio for assistance, saying, “I’ve been run over.”
  • Stabbing murder – In August 2009 a Bainbridge Township (Ohio) woman dialed 911 to say she had stabbed her husband during a dispute. Sandra Franklin was held for murder after police found Dr. Peter Franklin dead. She had dialed 911 a week earlier about a dispute, and police removed three guns from the house.
  • Chase & crash – In August 2009 a woman in Sarasota (Fla.) dialed 911 to report she was being chased on the highway by her ex-boyfriend, and he had threatened her with a gun and was ramming her vehicle. About 40 seconds into the call, Rebecca Provencher ran a stop sign and crashed into a Sarasota PD car–the officer suffered a broken wrist and Provencher was ejected from the car, seriously injuring her. The ex-boyfriend was arrested hours later. Provencher only gave bare details during the 911 call before the sounds of the collision.
  • Officer murder – In August 2009 Tampa Police Off. Mike Roberts was shot and killed by a man that he had stopped on the street as being suspicious. The man apparently attempted to flee and Off. Roberts caught him. However, the suspect pulled a gun and shot Roberts in the side, which wasn’t protected by his vest. This tape begins with Roberts (Lincoln 61) stopping the suspect, followed by the sounds of struggle on the radio, and the dispatcher radioing “10-34?” (are you okay?)
  • Motorist shot – In August 2009 an Archdale (NC) police officer stopped a man driving on I-40 who had called 911 saying he was suicidal and carrying a pistol. When Courtland Smith, 21, pointed the gun at the officer, the officer shot and killed him. Smith talked to a Guilford Metro 911 dispatcher for 15 minutes before he reluctantly pulled over for the officers.
    911 Call

    Radio Traffic
  • Fall from balcony – In August 2009 a woman fell from the 12th-story balcony of the Coeur D’Alene Resort (Idaho), prompting Ian James to dial 911 to report what happened. Police are investigating how Lynea Sprung Hambrice came to fall over the balcony railing, including if she was drunk, pushed or fell accidentally.
  • Murder-suicide – In March 2009 Orlando (Fla.) police dispatcher Alan Ballard fielded a 911 call from a woman reporting that her co-worker had been kidnapped. Ballard was skeptical, waited 23 minutes to enter the incident into CAD, and classified it as a “suspicious incident” and not a kidnapping. In Aug. 2009 he was fired for mishandling the call. In fact, Loyta Sloley was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and murdered at a motel, and James Clayton then killed himself. (On the tape: call from co-worker, call with Sloley herself and then Clayton, and third call with co-worker.
  • Mass murders – In August 2009 Glynn County (Geo.) police responded to a trailer park in response to 911 calls, and found the bodies of seven persons who had been murdered. Two other persons were injured, and one later died. Later that day, police arrested Guy Heinze, 20, on several charges, but not including the murders. Police had no immediate suspects. (first call is from neighbor, who hands phone to Heinze and later the trailer park maintenance man. The second call is from the trailer park manager, who had been called by the maintenance man.
    911 Call 1

    911 Call 2
  • Mass murders – In Feb. 2007 shoppers at the Trolley Square (Salt Lake City, Utah) shopping center called 911 to report gunfire inside. Police responded and tracked down Sulejman Talović, 18, who was armed with a shotgun and handgun. For an unknown reason, Talović shot and killed five persons, injured another four, and was killed by police. Coincidentally, Ogden city police officer Kenneth Hammond was off-duty in the mall having dinner with his wife Sarita, who was a OPD dispatcher. She used a cellular phone to report the incident while Kenneth responded to engage the suspect.
    911 Call

    Radio Traffic
  • Intruder shot – In August 2009 a Sylvania (Ohio) resident shot and killed a man who the resident says broke into his home’s back door and “charged me.” Clay Hausenfleck dialed 911 to explain what happened, and arriving police found Louis Mason dead–and also a marijuana grow operation in the basement with 100 plants. Hausenfleck was arrested on drug charges.
  • Child kidnapping – In August 2009 a man in Ogden (Utah) lured an 11 year-old girl into his van and drove her back to a local motel. But a woman checking out of the motel noticed the frightened girl entering the motel room, and dialed 911 to report her sighting. Officers arrived and quick intervened, arresting Fernando Deleon-Barrios on kidnapping charges.
  • Stuck accelerator – In Sept. 2009 off-duty CHP Off. Mark Saylor and his family were in a loaner Lexus from a car dealership when the accelerator stuck on State Route 125. A passenger dialed 911 for help, but just 50 seconds later the Lexus rear-ended a vehicle at an intersection, the vehicle crashed, rolled and caught fire. Saylor, his wife and daughter, and the wife’s brother were killed.
  • Murder 911 call – In June 2009 Michael Moore, 39, dialed 911 from his Boone County (Ken.) home to report his parents and he had been shot by a masked intruder. Both parents were shot in the head, while Michael was shot in the leg. By Sept. 2009, sheriff’s deputies had arrested Moore for the murders. Moore is a former sheriff’s deputy who was fired after drug allegations, and he was later convicted and served jail time. He was arrested after the murders on prescription drug fraud charges.
  • Officer shot – In Sept. 2009 Charleston (WV) police officers chased a hit-and-run suspect, reaching 90 mph at times and ending with a confrontation on a rural road 15 miles northeast of the city limits. Finding himself surrounded by police cars, the suspect rammed at least one car, and officers fired shots at him, fatally wounding him. However, their shots apparently also struck Ptl. Jerry Jones, who was in a car at the rear of the suspect’s. Jones was fatally injured. The radio traffic reveals little dispatcher involvement, poor radio reception, an ambiguous location and an extended response time for EMS. (Tape is 29 minutes long.)
  • Burglar shot – In Sept. 2009 a Fitchburg (Wisc.) resident shot and killed a man who police believe was trying to burglarize the resident’s home. Jamie Chen dialed 911 to excitedly tell a dispatcher that he had shot a “big guy running up the stairs” at him. The dispatcher sent officers and explained to Chen how to surrender safely to police. The district attorney did not charge Chen.
  • Attempted murder-suicide – In Sept. 2009 a Westminster (S. Calif.) woman stabbed her 5 and 3 year-old children, and then herself during a murder-suicide attempt. However, she then dialed 911 for help. Thuy Le, 38, and her children were taken to the hospital and survived.
  • Burglary 911 – In Sept. 2009 an 8 year-old girl hid in a Louisville (Ken.) pantry when two armed men invaded her home, and held her mother and two siblings at gunpoint. Police arrived and arrested two teenagers, and none of the occupants was injured.
  • Father murdered – In Sept. 2009 a Huron County (Ohio) man shot and killed his father, allegedly in self-defense, and he then dialed 911 to report it. Steven Rodvold, 26, admitted the shooting to a sheriff’s dispatcher what happened, put down his .357-cal. revolver and surrendured to deputies. (The last segment of the recording wasn’t released.)
  • Baby dies – In Oct. 2009 a man dialed 911 in Seminole County (Fla.) to report that his wife was hysterical and her 2 year-old daughter was not breathing. Sheriff’s deputies found the child dead and arrested Nioshka Bello for murder.
  • Pinned under door – In Oct. 2009 a former Canyon County (Idaho) paramedic dialed 911 to report a phony car accident, and then after fire crews left their station in the town of Caldwell, she tried to slip under the closing garage door. However, Melissa Farris, 35, was pinned to the concrete driveway by the closing door and died of asphyxia. Returning fire crews found her but could not revive her. Officials are tight-lipped about why she left county employment and why she was trying to enter the firehouse.
  • Homeowner shot – In Sept. 2008 a Phoenix man was home with his wife and child, while outside a shooting occurred several blocks away. Police arrived and chased the suspect through backyards. At one point the suspect broke through the front window of the man’s home and ran into his daughter’s bedroom to hide. Anthony Arambula grabbed a handgun and confronted the suspect in the bedroom. Police were already outside the house looking for the suspect, as Arambula’s wife and daughter ran outside and told a sergeant that Anthony was inside holding the suspect at gunpoint. Officers entered the house as Anthony was on the phone to a dispatcher after dialing 911. An officer believed Anthony was the suspect, and fired six rounds, seriously injuring Arambula. Some of the shooting was captured on the logging tape.
  • Sweat lodge deaths – In Oct. 2009 several persons attending a motivational retreat in Sedona (Ariz.) fell unconscious while taking part in a 2-hour “sweat lodge” session. Two persons died and several others were in critical condition. An on-scene nurse attended to the victims and then dialed 911 for help.
  • Burglar shot – In Oct. 2009 a man broke into a Harris County (Tex.) home in the middle of the night, prompting resident Jorge Guzman to dial 911 while locked in his bedroom, and armed with a gun. The dispatcher talked to Guzman, but after 10 minutes the suspect tried to enter the bedroom, and Guzman shot him. The suspect fled, but was caught by deputies, while the dispatcher kept Guzman safe in the bedroom, talking to him.
  • Home invasion robbery – In Oct. 2009 two men broke into a Brighton (Wisc.) home, shot the male occupant and threatened his wife. The woman managed to dial 911 in full view of the suspects, who seemed more intent on collecting items to steal. The calmness of the woman and the fact she was in full view of the suspects made the call initially sound suspicious. Robin Leydel was unhurt, her husband survived and both suspects were arrested.
  • Boy set afire – In Oct. 2009 a Deerfield Beach (Fla.) 15 year-old was doused with rubbing alcohol and set afire by a group of boys. Michael Brewer jumped into a swimming pool to put out the flames, and several persons dialed 911 for help, including a woman during an 8-minute call. This is a 28-minute collection of the 911 calls.
  • Stolen patrol car – In Oct. 2009 an Ottawa County (Mich.) man stolen a patrol car and led deputies on a chase, as the dispatcher talked to him on the radio asking him to “Stop the car.” Deputies finally boxed in James Zalsman after a 6-mile chase and arrested him. No doubt Dep. Ryan Huizenga was embarrassed.
  • Drowning death – In Aug. 20089 a Warren County (Ohio) man dialed 911 to say his wife had drowned in a bathtub. But deputies arrested Ryan Widmer for murder after considering the evidence. In April 2009 an investigation was begun after dispatchers said colleague Ron Kronenberger was asleep just before he answered Widmer’s 911 call, and that Kronenberger routinely slept on-duty. On the logging tape of the call, Kronenberer seems dazed and confused, and there were long periods of silence on the call. County officials were unaware of the report on the 911 call until Oct. 2009, and then produced two 911 calls that Kronenberger handled four minutes before Widmer’s call, proving Kronenberger wasn’t completely asleep when Widmer called.
  • Shooting in house – In Oct. 2009 a drunken man walked through a Hudson (Minn.) house with a gun, firing at least 20 shots at other occupants. Daniel Christenson did not shoot anyone inside the home during the 23-minute 911 call, and his 19 year-old son and others escaped. But Christenson was shot and wounded after a 7-hour stand-off with police.
  • Shooting – In Oct. 2009 an Orem (Utah) man dialed 911 to say that he’d shot his brother-in-law to death after an altercation. Stephen Strate talked to the dispatcher before police arrived.
  • Robbery shooting – In Nov. 2009 a Des Moines (Iowa) man came into a local discount store, claimed to have a gun and took an employee hostage. Arriving police confronted Daniel Carter, and then shot him when they believed he was a threat. Carter was not armed, and was last in critical condition. Police said they received several calls about Carter acting erratic before he entered the store and threatened a clerk.
  • Sex 911 calls – In Nov. 2009 a Tampa man dialed 911 after he ran out of free minutes on his cellular phone, and attempted to solicit sex from the 911 dispatchers. Joshua Basso, 29, was arrested by officers who responded to his home and confirmed the 911 calls had been made from his cellular phone.