Reel 21

  • Intruder shooting – In September 2014 a Phoenix woman dialed 911 when an intruder broke down her door. She hid in a closet and armed herself with a handgun. When the burglar locates her, she shoots the man.
  • Shooting homicide – In Aug. 2014 a Santa Fe (NM) man dialed 911 to say that he had shot someone at his home with a .22-cal. weapon. The man stayed on the phone for nine minutes as police responded. Police were investigating a claim of self-defense from Edwin Watters, who was working with the victim at a construction job site.
  • Kidnapping – In Sept. 2014 two teens were kidnapped off the street in Bountiful (Utah), and driven around for hours. They manage to escape at about 9 p.m. and run to a nearby car stopped at a stop sign. The motorist let the victims dial 911 from a cellular phone. The suspects are still wanted.
  • Murders – In Sept. 2104 a Largo (Fla.) man dialed 911 to report he had killed six children. In fact, Donald Spirit shot the children (11, 9, 8, 5, 4 and infant) and his 28 year-old daughter. He told the Gilchrist County dispatcher he would kill himself, then hung up. Police arrived to find him dead.
  • Police shooting – In October 2014 a citizen reported a man carrying a samurai sword in Saratoga Springs (Utah). Police arrived, confronted the man and fatally shot Darrien Hunt. The family points out that the citizen didn’t mention any violation of law or dangerous situation, and that the dispatcher failed to ask probing questions.
  • Shooting – In Sept. 2014 the mayor of Bell Gardens (S. Calif.) was shot and killed by his wife during a dispute at home. The son of mayor Daniel Crespo dialed 911 for help and explained what happened.
  • Shoot-Out – In Oct. 2014 Oklahoma City (Okla.) a woman dialed 911 to report someone was trying to kill her. The dispatcher asked only about the address, but not about the situation. Police were dispatched 28 minutes later, arrived and talked to the woman. When two officers knocked on the door, one of five occupants opened fire, wounding the officers. He then fled, setting off a police foot chase and shoot-out.