The 911 Line has been collecting audio since 2014. Outside of actually being there, seeing and hearing is the next best training tool. We break our audio into three categories to help you find exactly what your looking for.

Historic Events

We have saved audio from many major events that have made the news. These archives are kept to help us learn from the tragic events that unfolded.

Incident Audio

Incident audio is collections of radio and telephone recordings from police, fire, and medical incidents that may not have made headline news. These important training aides provide a great look into the every day that our dispatchers face. Archive

The now defunct website had a “tape library” with hundreds of recordings. To keep these resources from being lost forever we provide them here for you to use.

Have Audio?

We are always looking to add more audio to our collection. If you or your agency has a tape you are interested in sharing please let us know through the Contact page!