New Audio: Chattanooga Officer Involved Shooting


Date and Time: 12/15/2015 11:51 hours
City: Chattanooga
State: Tennessee
Address: Woodland View Circle


Javario Eagle called 911 spending 9 minutes talking to a dispatcher. During the call Eagle was talking erratically mentioning a secret society killing children. Officers arrived and found Eagle outside his apartment with his 4 year old child. While officers tried to speak with him, Eagle went back inside his home with the child and a Crisis Response Team was called to the scene. Eagle was seen with a gun in his hand and a bayonet in his shirt and was continually coming in and out of the home. At one point Eagle set the child down outside and returned inside by himself. As an officer went to grab the child Eagle again came out of the house with a gun in one hand, a samurai sword in the other, and the bayonet under his arm. Officers fired at Eagle striking him 19 times. 6 officers were placed on leave and eventually cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation.

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911 Audio

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