Tennessee 911 Center Hit By Malware

The Lawrence County 911 Center was hit by a ransomware attack this week. Details about the virus have not been released, however based on comments from Lawrenceburg Police Chief Terry Beecham and Lawrence County Sheriff John Myers officers mobile computers appear to be impacted.

Officials say they are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to resolve the attack.

The attack has not had an impact on services being provided to the public, and 911 continues to operate as expected.

Ransomware is a specific type of cyberattack where a bad actor accesses a computer system and encrypts data so the owner can not access it. The bad actor then will usually demand a ransom to release the data back to the owner. There is no way to break the encryption and retrieve the data, so it is often lost unless the owner has a back-up or pays the attacker.

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