It Was Time For A Refresh

The 911 Line has been around since 2014 and our look was getting stale. We have rolled out a brand new look to the site and reorganized some of our content.

Our audio collection is now broken into 3 categories:

  • Historic Events – We have saved audio from many major events that have made the news that we will be adding. These archives are kept to help us learn from the tragic events that unfolded.
  • Incident Audio – has been collecting audio from police, fire, and emergency medical incidents since 2014. Most of our audio that didn’t make headline news is collected here along with all new editions.
  • 911Dispatch Tape Library Archive – In the late 1980’s Gary Allen, a California police dispatcher, started a monthly newsletter Dispatch Monthly. As time went on Gary started the now defunct website The site was a treasure trove of information about dispatching, 911, scheduling, and anything else you could want to know about this industry. Gary retired in 2015, closing his site and unfortunately passed away shortly after. One of the most notable aspects of Gary’s site was his Tape Library. He hosted hundreds of 911 calls and radio audio dating back to 2006. It was a major loss when closed and these tapes were “lost”. We have managed to recover the vast majority of the tapes and are happy to host them here

We are very excited to be able to offer the (mostly) complete library recovered from This was a huge undertaking to preserve the audio and build the pages that host it on the site.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and to subscribe to our news by email. We have a lot more in the pipe line to add.