Massachusetts Deploying RapidSOS Statewide

The Massachusetts State 911 Department is in the final stages of deploying RapidSOS’s 911 Clearing House service to the over 200 PSAPs across their state. The service connects the state’s 911 system with a variety of location data sources that can be provided by handsets that are not accessible through the carrier alone. Information gathered through bluetooth and wifi radios, connect applications like Uber or Waze, and sensors available to the phones operating system is aggregated by the Clearing House Location Information Server and is transmitted to the PSAPs Callworks Response Assist 911 terminal for the dispatcher to access. This service also allows data collection from wearable devices, connected cars, and smart homes.

RapidSOS claims to be able to provide a location within 50 meters of the callers location 94% of the time as opposed to only 39% of the time with only traditional cell phone networks. The RapidSOS service is provided free of charge to public safety users.

Read more in the August Edition of the MA State 911 Newsletter (PDF)

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