Text-to-911 Saves CA Hiker

Text-to-911 is being credited with saving the life of an injured hiker in San Bernardino County, California. The man was on a popular trail in Mount Baldy when he was injured and texted 9-1-1 for help. After a search with the help of San Bernardino Fire and the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team the victim was located and air lifted to safety. In the article officials detail the usefulness of the text-to-911 service and give it full credit for allowing them to locate the victim. In the past officials would use their personal cell phones to communicate through text message with lost or injured parties. In search and rescue situations it is advantageous to use text messaging for communication due to the amount of battery that would be used placing calls and searching for cell towers during voice calls. Text messaging can greatly increase the amount of time rescuers are able to communicate with an injured party.

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