Rifts In Indiana 911 Center Make Headlines

NWITimes.com recently published an extensive article detailing problems developing at the Lake County 9-1-1 center in Indiana. In the article dispatchers, managers, and political leaders all highlight their views on the issues with the new combined center. Touching on everything from pay, to staffing, and even to the noise in the dispatch room their growing pains are being aired in the public for everyone to see.

Read the article at NWITimes.com

Editors Note:

The problems that Lake County is experiencing are far from unique. Any new operation, especially one forced onto users against their will, results in friction. Success in managing this friction appropriately is the key to smoothly transitioning into providing better service to our citizens and responders. Failing to listen to complaints, to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, and (most importantly) to making compelling change will doom the public perception of an operation. Recovering from bad public perception can take years and is an uphill battle.