NOLA Police Sergeant Reprimanded Following 9-1-1 Call

Sergeant Joseph Scanio of the New Orleans Police Department will receive a letter of reprimand in his personnel file following a Civil Service disciplinary decision. Sgt. Scanio was working on June 7, 2012 when a resident called 9-1-1 to report her dog had been beaten to death. A dispatcher took the call and entered it appropriately, however the response was delayed by the police due to high call volume at the time. NOPD regulations require that a supervisor call a reporting party back when the police response will be delayed. Sgt. Scanio said a dispatcher told another sergeant that there were no calls for service holding more than an hour, however he never verified that himself.

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Editors Note

This article shows the important of independently verifying information when you are required to take action. This applies not just to supervisors but to all dispatchers. If you are required to take an action never assume that what your told is accurate. In the end, you are the one who will be held responsible. Take the time and verify.