Media Labels Dispatcher as “Annoyed” in 9-1-1 Audio

On June 10th WWE wrestler Dusty Rhodes’ wife called 9-1-1 when he fell in their Florida home. The call was transferred to a fire dispatcher, who appears to attempt to follow EMD protocols with the caller. In the about one minute long call you can audibly hear the dispatcher become frustrated and at one point sighs into the phone. The call was released to the media who have labeled the dispatcher as “annoyed” on the call.

Hear the audio at TMZ.

Our View

We’ve said this time and time again – Remember every call you are on could become national news. Even though a noise or inflection may truly be unintentional our calls are public record and therefore open to public opinion. Although professionally or within your organization you may not face discipline, remember that you always represent your organization in the court of public opinion.