Intrado Problem Results in Phantom Calls

Vermont officials are investigating a problem that sent “phantom” calls to PSAPs across the state. The calls appeared to be legitimate 9-1-1 open line calls. Initial information indicates the calls were received after legitimate 9-1-1 calls were placed, however when call takers attempted to call back no one answered. At times the phantom calls came close to over whelming some PSAPs. Officials believe that at least 15 calls were not successfully answered due to the high call volume.

Initial reports indicate that the cause of the phantom calls was an issue with Intrado’s systems that support Vermont’s 9-1-1 system. In December Vermont experienced an outage effecting over 100 calls that were placed into 9-1-1. The cause of the December outage was identified as a problem with Intrado. Intrado has also been fined by the FCC for failures across the country in April 2014.

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