Injured Pregnant Woman Told To Call Business Line

A New Jersey woman fell at a playground, injuring her head and ankle leaving her bleeding and unable to move. The woman, Julie Grone, called 9-1-1 for help but her call was routed to the wrong center multiple times. Grone ended up calling for help multiple times and continued to have trouble being connected with the correct center. At one point a dispatcher gave Grone the 10-digit number to her local police and advised her to hang up.

Read more at NBC 10.

Our View

The above media report says an investigation is still ongoing, and no official word on what happened has been released, so we will with hold specific comment on this incident. However, it is important to point out that a best practice if you answer a call out side of your jurisdiction is to determine where the emergency is and contact the jurisdiction that is responsible. It is important that once a caller makes contact with us that we do everything we can to ensure help is on the way. Although advising a caller to call an agency directly on a business line may be the only option if you are not able to transfer the call, it is important to also call that agency yourself and ensure that help is on the way.