New Audio: Cincinnati OH FF LODD


Date and Time: 03/26/15 05:31 hrs
City: Cincinnati (Hamilton County)
State: Ohio
Address: 6020 Dahlgren Street


On March 26, 2015 Cincinnati Fire Department was operating at a second alarm fire in an apartment building. Fire fighters had knocked most of the fire down and were performing searches of the upper floors when Fire Apparatus Operator Daryl Gordon fell down an elevator shaft. FAO Gordon fell from the fourth floor and was trapped between the first and second floors. An additional third and fourth alarms were struck and fire fighters immediately went to work rescuing FAO Gordon. FAO Gordon was extracted from the shaft and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Fire fighters were able to successfully rescue 12 civilians from the fire, all with minor injuries.

The audio below is from the fire ground and begins just before the initial mayday call after the break.

Fire Radio

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