New Audio: Davis CA Murder/Suicide 911 Call

We have added new audio, a 911 call from a murder suicide in Davis, California in March 2013.

Date and Time: 03/26/2015 18:50 hrs
City: Davis (Yolo County)
State: California
Address: Glacier Drive


The Davis Police received a 9-1-1 call from a male party saying he had just found two parties who had been shot, and both had died. The male spoke calmly and clearly, however abruptly ended the call. Police were concerned that the caller may have been a suspect involved in the shooting, and took precautions including surrounding the home and calling a SWAT team. Upon further investigation officers determined that the caller was one of the decedents, and had shot himself after hanging up with 9-1-1.

Audio and more after the break


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