911…Say What?

MUTCD_D12-4.svgSometimes when you answer the phone your first reaction is “Say What?”. From my files under “You really just called for THAT?” here are a couple of my favorites:

  • A call came in one night from a concerned citizen with a unique problem. He had handcuffed himself and lost the key. My two main questions: Who are you hand cuffed too and are you clothed?
  • A cell phone 911 call came in one night from a very angry woman. She was at a local fast food restaurant and was irate that they would not refund her $1.09 when she was unsatisfied with her chicken fingers. Unfortunately, she was even more unsatisfied when she was informed the only police response would be to remove her and that the manager in the morning would be her only relief.
  • I think anyone who has worked in public safety has had one of these: a medical aid for a male party with an object stuck where an object does not belong.
  • A delivery driver from a busy local establishment called one night. He was the only one on to deliver that night and the headlights in his car both died. He wanted to know if he could continue to deliver with his high beams on.

I could list these all night long, but I think I’ll spread the joy over multiple posts.