Every year all across the country millions of calls are placed looking for help from our police, fire, and EMS departments. At the receiving end of every one of these calls are the unseen first responders. Telecommunicators, call takers, dispatchers, alarm operators, radio operators; no matter what our titles are we have the same goal. To keep our responders, our families, and our communities safe.

The goal of this website is to bring together content from across the country that will improve our skills and knowledge. We plan to present incident reviews, industry news, training articles, and editorials to engage our readership.

Our Audio

Historic Events

We have saved audio from many major events that have made the news that we will…

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Incident Audio has been collecting audio from police, fire, and emergency medical incidents since 2014. Below is…

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911Dispatch Tape Library Archive

In the late 1980’s Gary Allen, a California police dispatcher, started a monthly newsletter Dispatch Monthly.…

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