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IN 911 Operator Accused of Impersonating Police

Clark County 911
A Clark County 911 dispatcher was arrested and accused of using a police badge to impersonate an officer. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office says that 48 year old William Leach used a police badge at least twice to convince people that he was a police officer. Leach is...
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Rifts In Indiana 911 Center Make Headlines

NWITimes.com recently published an extensive article detailing problems developing at the Lake County 9-1-1 center in Indiana. In the article dispatchers, managers, and political leaders all highlight their views on the issues with the new combined center. Touching on everything from pay, to staffing, and even to the...
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Dispatcher Fired, One Suspended Over Death

The Lake County 9-1-1 has fired one dispatcher and suspended a second after a man died when an ambulance could not locate him. On June 6th 44 year old Burt Sanders called 9-1-1 from inside a church when he began to have chest pain. Sanders was connected to...
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